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Accolades poured in after the...

MRF Annual Festival,
April 23rd 2023,

St Lawrence Church, Alton,

The Festival theme was War,

past and current.
In celebration of

Martin Read, 10 years on, the concert, 7.30pm, featured his 

Civil War cantata:

The Death of Colonel Boles 
with cellist Joseph Spooner,

and baritone Paul Sheehan
conducted b
y David Gibson

Also featuring were

premieres by our 4 award-holders for solo cello,

and from our alumni:

new choral piece by Freddie Hodkin;

new work for Flexible Ensemble. 

Photos and films to follow soon.

St Lawrence Church, Alton CROPPED.jpg

Support still welcome for
Alex Ling's epic hike for MRF:
100 miles for Martin 
April 9th - 14th


What do young


say about MRF? 

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Endorsements for MRF:

Alan Bullard, composer...

'Well done for encouraging those young musicians as they take their next steps into the musical world - you are doing a fantastic job.'

Jakki Faye, parent...


           'Thank you so much for what you do,

        it really does change young lives!'

Supporting young composers since 2015.

MRF alumni 
where are they now?

MRF's support of young composers

is FREE.

 Any support you can give is much appreciated. 

Thank you

You can donate via the button in the header / footer     and you can...

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Martin Read, composer & teacher
with links to audio and film footage.

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