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News, news, news!!!

Award scheme 2023 for young composers 


All the applications are IN...

...the selection panel have DECIDED...

...exciting news will

follow SOON.

HAPPY 2023! 

MRF Annual Festival,
Sunday April 23rd 2023,

St Lawrence Church, Alton,
featuring the cantata:

The Death of Colonel Boles, by Martin Read,
with cellist Joseph Spooner,

and baritone Paul Sheehan
conducted by David Gibson



Joseph will also be the Performer in Residence for the MRF award-holders' commissions for solo cello,

on the subject of War.


What do young


say about MRF? 

Screenshot (133).png

Endorsements for MRF:


From Judith Weir's blog-post, on MRF...'

'...MRF resourcefully supports school and college age composers with live workshops and performances.'

'MRF is unique within the UK’

Howard Skempton, patron

Alan Bullard, composer...

'Well done for encouraging those young musicians as they take their next steps into the musical world - you are doing a fantastic job.'

Alan Bullard.jpg

Pernille Faye 

Royal Academy of Music - composition

MRF has been a massive help in getting me to where I am today and I will always be so grateful for all of the support I’ve received. I’m so excited!


Pernille Faye 2020 (cropped) .jpeg
Samby Anderson 2020 CROPPED.jpeg

Samby Anderson, award-holder...

'Thank you so much for organising it and allowing me to be a part of it. I loved writing the piece and hearing it performed and really really enjoyed everyone else's works and hearing them talk about the process behind them.'

Jakki Faye, parent...


           'Thank you so much for what you do,

        it really does change young lives!'

Supporting young composers since 2015.

MRF alumni 
where are they now?

MRF's support of young composers

is FREE.

 Any support you can give is much appreciated. 

Thank you

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Martin Read, composer & teacher
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